jakub rojek-composer/pianist/educator

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To purchase, or rent scores please contact me at jakubmrojek@gmail.com. 

Suite # of Infinite Beaudee  for bass cl, piano, beatbox, live sound design, 2015

Sounds from the Self-Exposed Exile  for clarinet and piano, 2014

Crimson  for soprano and piano, 2013

Ear-Rash-Ional  for bass cl, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet in Bb, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, voice, 2008

Paradise Unimagined for percussion, piano, and eletrconics, 2018

Other scores:

Minya-Tours (2019) for soprano sax, piano, and narrator

Paradise Unimagined, for piano, percussion, and electronics

String Quartet No. 1, 2018

Sonorandom, for percussion and piano, 2018

3 Novatudas (2016) for piano

Piano Trio No.1 (2016)

Cold Harbor (2015) for bc cl, piano

Gintizen (2012) for prepared piano, beatbox, and voice

Imrexessions ( 2011) for 2 pianos

Xessions (2012) for piano

Carnal Apple (2014) for SATB choir

Sharo Shadi  (2008) for 4 pianos

Paraphrases and transcriptions for piano and 2 pianos